Writting Intelligence

As a businessperson, being able to communicate clearly and being able to write professionally is crucial! By understanding yourself, your goals, your intentions and responses, and by understanding the reader and their feelings, requirements and needs, Writing Intelligence makes communication productive, efficient and manageable.

So, in order to achieve Writing Intelligence, here are ten Corporate Intelligence Training writing tips to help you get ahead and write great, successful business letters, emails, reports and memos.Download Writing Intelligence

How to be a strategic communicator

No matter how much knowledge and experience you may have; in order to be successful you need to become a strategic communicator. Achieving your desired outcomes is all about achieving buy-in from your strategic business partners and clients. You need to learn how to maximize and leverage your strategic relationships to build your business and achieve your desired objectives.

Strategic communicators understand the deeper psychological workings of business, the importance of excellent business relationships, and how to communicate skilfully enough to achieve the necessary buy-in to fulfil their professional dreams. Download How to be a strategic communicator

How to build a rapport with anyone in 30 seconds

In the first 15-30 seconds of meeting anyone, we all get a gut feel for whether we want to get to know them or not. Call it instinct or intuition, our first impressions generally make or break our professional and personal relationships. It takes a skilled communicator to create a great first impression and to leverage each new situation and set of circumstances to obtain their desired outcomes. Download How to build rapport with anyone in 30 seconds

Learn to love dealing with clients you hate

Whether you are a CEO or a call centre agent, we all need to face the wrath of our clients from time to time. Dealing with irate clients is probably the most stressful part of any job and most professionals face these highly-charged interactions with absolute fear and frustration.

“The Customer is King” and “the client is always right” psychology protects and condones client outbursts. Many clients feel completely justified in expressing their immense anger and loud displeasure. It is basically the only time social etiquette condones outbursts and the venting of pent up anger. Also, when clients lose their cool, it is usually a lifetime of emotional baggage and suppressed emotion that comes flooding out in your direction. Download Learn to love dealing with the clients you hate

Never before has your ability to communicate effectively been able to influence your success! We are fast becoming a world economy based on the communication of information. The speedy evolution of technology into our daily lives has allowed rapid global communication and networking to shape our modern society.

Our great Information Age, also known as the Computer Age or Digital Age, is the notion that our present era is characterized by the ability of individuals to transfer and communicate information freely, and to have instant access to information that would have been difficult or impossible to find previously. Download Never before has your ability to communicate effectively been able to influence your success