Corporate Intelligence Training prides itself in presenting the best Presentation Skills Programmes available in South Africa. Our experience, expertise, and excellent client feedback all attest to the quality of these premier programmes. Our Presentation Skills programmes and workshops are all individually customised to achieve your specific outcomes, and they are pitched at applicable learner levels of experience and competence.

Research indicates that public speaking is mankind’s second greatest fear after death. Our Presentation Skills Programmes equip your learners with all the essential tools and techniques necessary to overcome existing fears, and to deliver professional and captivating presentations. Video-taping of learners enhances the learning and feedback process.

Feedback On This Programme

“Corporate Intelligence Training is our preferred consultancy for all presentation and media skills training of our JSE client’s top level executives” – Nicole Katz, MD Of Envisage Investor & Corporate Relations

“The programme was great! I learned a huge amount and shall never fear public speaking again. Everything was exciting.” – Learner from The South African Government

“This has been a great learning experience for me, moving from my comfort zone to really stretching myself and my abilities. I am now confident to say that I would recommend this programme to anyone. I have learned the value and importance in speaking to a crowd and that making sustained eye contact is very important when communicating with an audience.” – Learner from Old Mutual

“I have never felt more confident, not only in terms of my presentation skills, but also in my communication skills in general. I have learned to make full use of my personal resources (voice, body language, personal energy) in order to deliver excellent presentations. My facilitator is a master at his craft … a real inspiration!” - Learner from Old Mutual

“I have been on many Presentation Skills courses in my career, but this one stands above all others in terms of teaching you all the practical skills to become a masterful public speaker. It is brilliant beyond comparison.” – Learner from Metropolitan Life