Our highly specialised and practical call centre training programme will provide call centre agents with the vital skills required to deliver a superior quality experience. This training programme helps build trust and inspire confidence with the clients through the use of excellent communication skills, customer service excellence and heightened Emotional Intelligence. An irate or unhappy client whose problem is solved professionally by a skilled call centre agent can be turned into your most loyal advertisement.

We teach learners how to use active and empathetic listening techniques to understand the clients needs, how to build and improve customer relationships, and how to regain control in volatile situations. We also specialise in voice training to enable agents to speak clearly, assertively and dynamically. Our clients who have implemented this programme have witnessed significant improvements in staff morale, agent ability, and confidence.

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Feedback On This Programme

“I really enjoyed this course. It really helped me in adressing all my vocal telephonic needs. I now feel far more confident working in our call centre.” Learner from Liberty Life

“All call centre agents should attend this programme. It helped me enormously in terms of Stress Management, vocal ability and all aspects of client service.” – Learner from Achievement Awards Group

“This programme taught and upgraded each and every aspect of my job as a call centre agent. I can now handle any client and any situation, no matter how challenging. Thank you!” – Learner from Callforce Direct

“My clients can now understand me more clearly and my sales have soared. All my professional relationships have improved thanks to this excellent programme. Thank you!!!”– Learner from Old Mutual