This is truly a life and team-altering programme! This practical and deeply evolved programme helps learners to discover what the corporate puzzle is all about, and what vital life skills are needed to have healthy work relationships and a successful corporate life. Learn about what limiting thought patterns and personal behaviours you presently hold on to, and what you need to change in order to liberate yourself from past blocks and fears. Learn how to play the corporate “game” effectively, overcome “power plays” and build client and colleague relationships.

Feedback On This Programme

“I now know far more about ‘me’. I got great feedback and I know how I can master what I do on a daily basis. I have become bigger and better than my past fears and failures. Thank you.” – Learner from Sibize

“I learned that the ONLY thing that stands between me and my success is my fears and lack of knowledge on how to communicate and lead effectively. This programme has had a huge impact on me, both personally and professionally.” – Learner from Callforce Direct

“I achieved all my objectives and am now on the right path! I have learned about how different personalities react and how to communicate effectively. The training was amazing and practical, and my trainer really knew his stuff!” – Learner from Sibize

“The best programme I have ever attended, a very educational experience. The exercises and activities were entertaining and very enriching.” – Learner from Liberty Life