A career in customer services is one of the most demanding occupations there is. This heightened medium of communication requires phenomenal communication skills; Emotional Intelligence and relationship management skills, and an all-round excellent application of telephone etiquette and vocal techniques. Our very comprehensive programme which is geared towards training customer service professionals who deal with their clients face-to-face, examines all of these modules in a practical, fun and holistic way. We produce lasting results that will impress your customers!

Feedback On This Programme

“I was amazed at how many new and really useful customer service techniques I learned on this incredible programme. I shall never handle customers the same way again. Bravo!!” – Learner from Old Mutual

“I benefitted tremendously from this programme. I have learned so many things that I will put in to practice in my daily work life. I also got to know my colleagues on a deeper level.” – Learner from The Cape Town Convention Centre

“I now know how to make my company proud. I was very happy with the training. Everything was taught in a new and fresh way and so many new customer service techniques were learned. I finally feel I understand my customers as a result of this programme.” – Learner from Value Group

“The training really gave me a new perspective on how customer service should be done. I learned a lot!” - Learner from The Cape Town Convention Centre