Report writers require effective writing skills, as well as the expansive knowledge of how to write strategic and effective reports. This customized writing skills programme teaches learners all the vital skills needed to write convincing and professional reports that achieve the report writer’s objectives and enhance the credibility of the writer.

Modules are specifically customized to each learner’s specific needs.

Feedback On This Programme

“I wanted to take my writing to the next level and this programme definitely helped me to achieve my writing objectives. My reports and persuasive writing have been greatly enhanced.” - Learner from old Mutual

“I always struggled with my report writing, but step by step through this course I learned how to write reports effectively. My fears have disappeared and I now write logically and convincingly.” – Learner from old Mutual.

“My confidence in writing reports and other documents in English has really improved. I now know exactly how to do it, and am saving much time as a result.” - Learner from Metropolitan Life

“I am happy to report that I can now write reports!!” – Learner from OMIGSA