Executives today spend so much time focused on growing their businesses and managing their staff that they fall into the deadly trap of neglecting themselves, their personal energy resources, and maintaining that all important “balance” in their lives. They also have little time to “reflect” and strategise on how to take themselves, their teams and departments to the next level of success.

When executives fail to maintain a healthy balance between corporate and “self needs”, productivity, relationships, energy resources and personal happiness all begin to suffer.

Executives also need to improve their strategic communication skills as they rise up the corporate ladder and communication responsibilities increase. There are more demands to have heightened Emotional Intelligence and “people skills” and strategy becomes ever more important.

Our executive coaches help executives to become more focused, more confident, more balanced and more successful. Personal challenges and goals are addressed and communication and strategising are greatly enhanced. Each learner will also enjoy the personal and confidential support they require.

Our Executive Coaching sessions are conducted one-on-one and are results driven and outcomes based, modules are personally customised.

Feedback On This Programme

“I came for Executive Coaching, but also gained a huge amount in terms of my own personal selfbranding, strategizing for my professional vision, and my public speaking skills have grown enormously. I would truly recommend this bespoke coaching to any other high flyers out there.” – A CEO

“I sent my entire EXCO on executive coaching with Corporate Intelligence Training and the results have been phenomenal. Each and every EXCO member has grown in leaps and bounds and the entire team is soaring to greater heights. Stress and tension levels have been minimized and the results have been astounding! Thank you.” – A Managing Director

“This coaching has helped me to discover myself and my strengths. I now know how to communicate strategically and how to achieve my set goals. My confidence has really improved and as a result I got a 45% salary increase in my recent performance appraisal.” – A Manager

“As an Analytical personality type I needed to learn how to express myself. These coaching sessions worked on every aspect of who I am and I have since received excellent feedback in both my professional and personal life. Thank you for “taking me to the next level”! – A Senior Manager