Without the right training, dealing with the media may be the hardest lesson of a person’s career. It is the one test you cannot afford to fail. A career and a company’s future may depend on it. Like all other communication skills, media skills can be learnt. The following highly specialised master class ensures that learners have a thorough understanding of what this complex medium involves. Learners will be given the tools and skills needed to sell themselves effectively under the spotlight. This training is totally experiential in nature so that learners get a chance to “feel” what they need to reproduce in front of the media. Recording equipment is used to give unbiased feedback, and simulated role-plays give learners the necessary experience in different media situations.

Feedback On This Programme

“Corporate Intelligence Training is our preferred consultancy for all presentation and media skills training of our JSE client’s top level executives” – Nicole Katz, MD Of Envisage Investor & Corporate Relations

“As an American MD who had worked for a broadcasting corporation I thought I knew it all when it came to dealing with the media. This programme made me realise how much I still had to learn. Everything about the course was incredible and I derived much benefit.” – Learner from The Dialogue Group

“This programme made me realise how important all my communication skills are when dealing with the media. Surprisingly I will be able to take these skills in to so many other areas of my work life.” – Learner from Haw & Inglis

“After a few difficult and hard lessons in front of the media, I came to Corporate Intelligence Training for some personalised coaching. They taught me all the basics and tips I needed to know and now I find the whole experience far easier.” – Learner from Africa Fashion International