Negotiation is the most challenging and complex form of communication. In order to be an effective negotiator, phenomenal communication skills are essential. Negotiators need to manage their own communication effectively, as well as to manage the emotions and communication of the other parties. Effective negotiators need to understand the psychology of the negotiating game, and how they can use heightened Emotional Intelligence to achieve the desired outcomes and manage the other parties effectively. This Master Class gives learners all the essential techniques and necessary confidence needed to strategise and negotiate effectively achieve their desired outcomes.

Relevant role-play exercises are used throughout the training programme.

Feedback On This Programme

“I am now able to negotiate with ease and confidence. I would strongly recommend this programme to all other departments.” – Learner from The Cape Town Convention Centre

“My staff enjoyed the workshop immensely and have grown so much as a result of it. They are keen to put all their newly found skills into practice. I will be forwarding individual feedback to each of them in order to assist with their continued growth.” – Manager from Old Mutual

“I finally understand the psychology involved in negotiation and how to play the game effectively. Thank you.” – Learner from Metropolitan Life

“The way I handle negotiation has changed drastically thanks to this programme. I now know how to leverage my communication and how to send out all the right signals to achieve my objectives.” – Learner from Old Mutual