There is a saying that “sales people are born and not created.” In reality, the most vital attributes of an excellent sales person are their communication skills, Emotional Intelligence and strong selfconfidence. These are all skills that can be learned and greatly enhanced.

Sales people need to be able to sell themselves effectively with their outstanding interpersonal skills before clients actually buy into any of their products or services. This one of a kind sales programme covers every facet involved in creating successful sales people. The psychology of selling is explored in depth and a multitude of invaluable communication and sales tips are given. The programme is very practical in nature and real life examples are used which relate to the learners’ particular sales environments.

Feedback On This Programme

“This programme benefitted me enormously. I have become far more confident and can speak to all types of people. Not only did my voice improve, but my sales have improved as well! Thank you!” – Learner from

“I thought I was doing everything right until I came on this programme. It taught me a lot …” – Learner from Callforce Direct

“This course taught me to make the most of my unique personality to sell effectively. I did not think this was possible, but now know that I can still be true to myself and sell my company’s products very successfully with my new sales and communication skills.” – Learner from Metropolitan Life

“Thank you for the most motivating 2 days! Me and my sales staff had the most incredible time and have learned so many new skills and sales tips. Bravo!!” – Learner from Old Mutual