This in-depth supervisor training programme is highly practical helps both new and experienced supervisors and team leaders to discover what their supervisory responsibilities are all about. Supervisors will learn about what limiting thought patterns and leadership behaviours they presently hold on to, and what strengths they need to develop in order to free themselves to become effective leaders in the their specific environments. It combines modules including communication, leadership skills, time management and conflict management necessary to fulfil their responsibilities and successfully manage their job descriptions.

Feedback On This Programme

“For the first time I now feel I am able to lead my team and set a good example following this course. It was phenomena. Thank you!” – Learner from MTN

“My own communication skills and supervisor style have changed and improved dramatically thanks to the skills I learned on this programme. I highly recommend it.” - Learner from Capquest.

“I have learned everything from Time Management to Conflict Management. I know I will be an empowered supervisor from now on.” – Learner from Liberty Life

“There was not an area of my professional communication that this excellent programme did not address. All my goals have been achieved. Thank you!!!” – Learner from Callforce Direct