The “WOW” Factor Workshop


This dynamic, fun and totally engaging workshop explores and teaches all the guiding principles that create “wow” business people and “wow” communicators. Through practical demonstrations and interactive exercises, learners will be able to explore, experiment and discover their own personality and communication strengths, and will be given practical tools to improve their individual areas for development. Learners will acquire the necessary skills to make an impact in every corporate situation, whether through the oral or written media, and this workshop creates dynamic conscious communicators who are empowered to shine, lead and motivate.

Feedback On This Programme

“Thanks, I had an enjoyable and insightful 2 days. In one word, WOW!” – Learner from Old Mutual

“Initially I was sceptical but at the end of the programme I was bowled over by the programme” – Learner from Old Mutual

“Great workshop. I will recommend it to anyone.” – Learner from Old Mutual

“The facilitators must live the “wow” to show the experience. John French lives the wow!” – Learner from Old Mutual

“Best course I have attended in 25 years. Would be nice if a level 2 was created” – Learner from Old Mutual