Vocal Development and Pronunciation programme


Nothing tells people more about you than your voice. Your voice reveals abundant details about your background, education, status, attitude and level of self-confidence. There is also no such thing as a bad voice. There are simply many bad vocal habits that need to be corrected. Creating the voice and accent you desire is based on creating awareness, dedicated practice, and the creation of new and improved vocal habits. This life-changing and breakthrough vocal development and pronunciation programme will help identify and successfully develop specific vocal development areas for the learner. Pronunciation modules can be vastly expanded if required.

Feedback On This Programme

Fantastic training that really boosts confidence and tackles your bad habits – Learner from P:Cubed

An excellent training programme – Learner from Barloworld

Great course, great presenter – Learner from P:Cubed

I can now speak with confidence – Learner from Munich RE